First off, I would like to thank you for taking the time to peek into my little corner of the web. Whether you’re bored in a doctors’ office, waiting on public transportation or just being distracted at work I’m glad you made the choice to click through. If you were looking for the answers to the world’s problems, I apologize but this is not where to find them (you may want to go to your local Starbucks).  I do, however, believe that many of the answers and solutions we are looking for are within each of us, and if we worked to find more things in common we may just surprise ourselves. I’m no great scholar, I am not exceedingly wealthy nor am I an expert at any one thing. I am brutally honest, detrimentally loyal and insanely tenacious. Nice to meet you, my name is Tess.

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I have always written in journals wanting to keep document of my experiences so that I may look back on the feelings, mistakes, successes and changes that I went through. I am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to actually start an official space online, but as with all things I suppose the time just was not right until now. In previous years, the reasons behind my writing and ideas were mostly self-centered (hey, I was young and immature). Today, my motivation to get this up and running comes from a place of selflessness where I hope that if I can help even just one person feel that they are not alone, support people in making positive changes in their lives, or give the little nudge someone needed to finally take the risk to create their own happiness, then this will be (at least to me) deemed a success!

So, what’s behind “Saddles and Spurs” then? I have ridden horses since I was a little girl, lost my passion going through college and then went back to riding and showing as an Adult Amateur. Just as life is not easy, re-learning the skills for the show ring has been challenging as well. As we go along on the ride we call life, we encounter various spurs in our sides that make us want to give up on our dreams, passions and ambitions. If we want something bad enough, I believe that we will find a way to overcome the obstacles, jump back in the saddle and continue down the path. Though this path may change, we must keep a clear vision of what our own definitions for happiness, success and wealth are to be sure we are traveling in a direction and in a way that helps us to achieve these goals. It’s not always a smooth course, but I hope to provide some motivation to keep riding on…

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