Getting Into the Swing of Things

Hey guys!! There is SO much happening or has happened that I need to fill you in on. I know I will get to all of it coming up, promise. For today though, lets just do a quick highlight reel and touch base.

First, the barn. It has come such a long way. It is (of course) still in progress but I have actually moved into the apartment upstairs and I’m using one of the stalls. I still need to decide what materials to use for the flooring of the stalls as well as finish the tack and feed rooms. The apartment is a small space so I’ve had to be very intentional with what I’ve decided to furnish and decorate with. This lifestyle has led me to discovering a super cool idea of living that I can’t wait to share with you.

Views of the apartment above barn


I also recently returned from an absolutely fantastic trip down to Costa Rica. I feel like that may require a few entries to fully capture but we will see. When I say Costa Rica I don’t mean a resort where you lay around at a pool on a property surrounded by walls. This was a trip to a small surf town where everyone is super friendly, and they have not been ruined by major commercialism.

A few pictures from Costa Rica


And finally I have a  horse!!! I know, I thought this was NEVER going to happen. It was a very stressful time looking but I’m so happy with the partner that I ended up with. She is also not necessarily what I thought I would’ve ended up with. The horse prior to her I had on trial was a warmblood of a well known blood line. This horse is an 8 year old, off track thoroughbred (for you non-horsey peeps it means for once “yes, she is a race horse like in kentucky derby”). She will most likely be an ongoing part of this blog and I’m sure she will have her own posting (or 2 or 3 or 10!).  Everyone, meet Epic!


You may notice that there are not a ton of words or paragraphs in this post. That’s not a mistake. One of the things I noticed that I’ve been doing is trying to make every post this profound, meaningful expression of how I feel and I want to convey that to others to help them. I’ve decided to say, it doesn’t  necessarily have to fall under this criteria and in fact, maybe I shouldn’t get so hung up on what people will think when they read this  and focus on getting my general message out there. And that message right now is sleep because I’m writing this after being up all night! See Ya’ll next time.


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