Plans… Don’t Always Go as Planned

What a year! Last winter when I embarked on this journey of online blogging I started it when I had a ton of time to sit down and plan (holiday break for 2 weeks). Now I realize that I should have started it when I was so slammed busy I didn’t have time to breathe. Then I could’ve kept up with it like I should because it would have been worked into my schedule. Instead it got shoved to the back burner while I tried to get things back to a somewhat regular schedule. There has been traveling, progress on the barn (progress not completion), a job change and of course riding!


North Park Colorado Summer Trip

Riding is the one thing that I’m happy to say I have been able to not only maintain, but actually have increased. I made my way back to the Hunter ring this summer which was fun and nerve-racking since it’s been a few years since my last show. I’ve even branched out to Western, riding barrels and the other games at local clubs (which has been SO fun!). Getting more saddle time has enabled me to also ride a few different horses that has really improved my flexibility with working through adjusting my cues to communicate with the horse. Riding more is definitely a plus, but I didn’t set out to ride so many different horses. Of course, my perfect plan would have been to find a partner that fit me well to lease and go into show season with. Things just aren’t that easy though. One mare I really liked got leased, another mare was quite pleasant but just didn’t click and then the ponies are always fun but not realistic for me with my height. So the search goes on!

The barn has been coming along VERY nicely. No, it is not completely done yet (everyone asks and thinks it has taken a while). We are building the barn ourselves which means we work on it around our day jobs and other events. While we would LOVE for it to be done like yesterday, it’s just not practical. However, what we have been able to accomplish never fails to impress me. Considering we started from scratch with nothing (you can see beginning photos in previous post here) it is something that we are extremely proud of. I’m sure when it’s all said and done, we will look back and find things that if done again we would do differently, but so far she is turning out to be quite the beauty!


Most Recent Outside View


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