Building a Barn, Building Resolutions

It’s that time of year! New Year’s resolutions being posted all around; save money, get fit, spend more time with family. All of the excitement about the changes people want to make is buzzing and we get intoxicated on the hype only to find ourselves in a hung over state about two months from now and right back in the same place we were. What is it that makes so many people not keep up with those midnight promises of transformations since only 8% of us will actually achieve what we set out for ourselves?

At Pecan Paradise, we started on the project of constructing a new barn. We decided that instead of paying someone we would do as much of the work we could ourselves to benefit in cost savings, gained experiences and a sense of accomplishment. After deciding to build a new structure, the decisions that would have to be made were not only plentiful, but at times quite exhausting! First we had to make a choice on location, then number of stalls, tack and feed rooms, how open should it be, what will it be made of, how to separate the stalls and on and on… Not all decisions had to be made to get started and as we reach more milestones more selections are to made. But as we continue on our project the building has taken shape and we get more and more excited about the end result.

The beginnings of our Barn Project:

Barn Beginning Collage

This is very similar to any other goal setting in our lives. You start out with a very vague, intangible idea, make the decisions on how to achieve it and when you start to see results have the excitement to keep going. Let’s use the number one resolution of all: Lose weight. Great! You’re going to get back in those jeans, that dress, improve your self esteem or whatever motivation you may have. Start with breaking it down to be as specific as possible. How much weight do you want to lose? Is there a time frame you have in mind? Maybe there is a reunion, wedding or event that would be great for you to show off your new figure. Then comes how will you do it? If you Google ‘how to lose weight’ I can’t even imagine the amount of results you would get and how would you know which to choose? What will work, what’s just a scam? This is where I have to say it’s important to think of resolutions as a year round thing and not just once during that magical midnight hour when bottles are popping and good times are flowing. It takes planning, research and preparation if you want to be serious about making a change to your daily routine. We’ve all heard that it takes something like 21 days to create a new habit and in an article from Psychology Today it explains how scientists used MRIs to map the brain and how we form our habits. They found that you actually have to create new pathways in the brain and that by repeatedly trying to not do something you are actually reinforcing the already established behavior. So by effect instead of focusing on not eating as much take out, buy cook books, download recipes, get an apron and learn how to make new healthy meals at home. A critical thing to remember for a change to become permanent is that this will be a new way of life that you work on every day, not just the first two months of the year.

We still have a lot to do for the barn to be completed, but each day of work brings us closer to reaching our goal. We have had difficulties and challenges along the way that at times made us wonder if we had taken on more than we could handle. That’s when we take a break, re-adjust our mindsets and continue on with the project. If we were to just quit there would be this ugly, unfinished building in our front pasture. Think of your resolutions in the same way, if you quit today how far could you have been if you had just kept going.

The current progress on our Barn!

Barn Progress Jan Collage



6 thoughts on “Building a Barn, Building Resolutions

  1. I have a love affair with barns. If I could live in one, I would. I installed two faux barn doors in my house a few years ago. I have various paraphernalia from my grandfather’s dairy farm. I’m glad modern farmhouse is a current look. 🙂


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